If we have to point out one of the very important home appliances that we have installed in our homes, it happens to be air conditioners. Especially modern homes such as apartments and condos are very much dependent upon air conditioners because these are the primary source of air ventilation in the house.

Even in homes it has gained a lot of importance because a lot of families rely upon air conditioners throughout the year for heating and cooling purposes. Therefore it is very important that whenever you need any kind of air conditioning service you should always call Air Conditioning Service Bristow VA. These highly specialized and technical service providers will be able to take care of all of the problems that you might be facing with your air conditioner. 

Because at the end of the day your goal is to make sure you end up with an air conditioner that is able to protect you from the scorching heat and freezing temperatures. At the same time you would also not want your air conditioner to need to be replaced because as we know that air conditioners are a huge investment that can’t happen frequently.

Therefore, you should read up on the maintenance solutions that are provided in the course of this article because they will ensure that the longevity of your air conditioner is increased and you do not have to call a service provider as frequently.

Maintenance tips for air conditioners

Change or clean the air filters

Change or clean the air filters

This is one of the most basic and crucial steps that one can take in order to make sure that the performance of your air conditioner is not hindered at all. It is also one of the most commonly known actions that one can take, however, it needs to be reiterated because a lot of people do not consider it as a viable option and it just needs to be refreshed in their minds that it has a lot of impact upon the performance of your air conditioner.

However, the interval between changing or cleaning the air philter will depend upon the quality of air that you have in your house. It is a good practice that you can change the air philters once every two months. And you should clean the philters at least once a week.

If you are confused about which type of air philter you should install in your air conditioner, you can always refer to the manufacturers guidelines. If you are still unclear about this very phenomenon, you can research on the Internet or simply consult with the part provider. If you are still not convinced, you can try calling up the company and knowing more details about the part that needs to be replaced.

Factors that will lead to frequent changing of air philters includes dusty air, frequent use of the air conditioner and presence of pets in your house.

Clean the air conditioners coils

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Clean the air conditioners coils

Many people are not aware that just like air philters come on the coils which acts as an evaporator and condenser also collects dust over time. They do not need to be cleaned as frequently as air philters but they need to be cleared at regular intervals.

You do not have coils installed only in the inner unit but they are coils in the outer unit as well. Which is why you should also pay attention towards cleaning these coils as well.

Remove debris from the unit

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Remove debris from the unit

This might come as a shock but it is highly probable that your outer unit will contain and collect debris of all kinds in them. This can directly impact the electrical and mechanical procedures in the outer unit. One of the impacts of debris in the unit happens to be decreased flow of air inside the room.

Try to make sure that there is no possibility of debris collecting in your unit in the future.

Straighten the coil fins

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Straighten the coil fins

Another not so important and not so known factor that might have a lot of impact on the performance of an air conditioner is that the coil fins should be straight as an arrow. These metal coils are very brittle and can be easily bent due to very minimal force. Therefore, try to have an annual inspection by yourself and if you find these coils to be bent, you can straighten them out manually. So this is a job that does not require a lot of supervision and skill set.

All Residential HVAC services can be contacted by you on an annual basis whereas per contract they will do scheduled maintenance of your air conditioners. If you are not willing to do self inspection of your air conditioner unit.