5 Signs Your Thermostat Needs To Be Replaced

The thermostat is like the brain of your HVAC system. It ensures that the climate in your house is comfortable and according to preferred settings. If you have installed a smart thermostat it can also adjust the temperature settings according to the changes in weather.

As the winters are fast approaching, having a working HVAC system is incredibly important. If you are facing any problems with your facility’s heating or cooling capacity, it is important to check your thermostat. More often than not, homeowners think that their HVAC system is faulty while all they need to do is to repair or replace the thermostat.

Here are 5 signs you need to call us for thermostat repair in Dumfries. Our professionals are equipped with the best tools and skills to fix the issue.

1. The Heating/Cooling System Won’t Turn On

The most obvious sign of a faulty thermostat is that your HVAC system won’t turn on. Ideally, you should be able to control your system by the thermostat but when it is not responding to the changes you need to get it checked. Our team of dedicated professionals can reach your place and repair it within no time. You can get back to your normal life routine without any delays.

2. Short Cycles

Another important sign of a faulty thermostat is recurring or short cycles. If the HVAC system is working properly you won’t even notice the cycling as the operation is very smooth. Short cycling occurs when the HVAC system shuts too early. Replacing the thermostat instantly fixes the issue.

3. Thermostat Reading Is Incorrect

Keeping an indoor thermometer is very useful. You can always monitor the performance of your thermostat by comparing the readings. If you see a striking difference in the reading and the temperature you feel in the house, your thermostat needs repair.

It is important to remember that faults in the thermostat can also cause a spike in your utility bills. When in doubt, you can call us for emergency assistance.

4. Loss Of Programmed Settings

If you have programmable thermostats installed in your home, you can easily identify a faulty thermostat. In most cases, the loss of programmed settings is the first indicator. Reprogramming should fix the problem but if the thermostat keeps losing the settings, it is time to replace it. We provide quality thermostat replacement in Dumfries.

5. Frequent Temperature Fluctuations

Are you feeling sweaty in one hour and very cold the next? It could be a fever as well as your thermostat. Frequent temperature fluctuation is the most obvious sign you need our services. We are looking forward to helping you. Your comfort is our priority.