5 Simple Tips to put Your Ice Maker Back on its Feet

To repair an ice maker, first, you should understand the working principle. This way you would know exactly what’s going on. The ice maker receives the water through a small pipe. The water supply leads to a water fill valve controlled by the ice maker thermostat. If it is tricky to follow you can always contact the best Ice Maker Repair Gainesville VA. At the end, there is an ice mold. if your ice maker has stopped making ice the below you can find a few tips to fix it yourself.

Bail wire positioning

The bail wire is a release mechanism. When lifted it shuts off the ice maker. Put it down and see if everything turned back to normal. But make sure the ice maker is powered up. if you find yourself in a complex situation call an Ice Maker Repair Company in Gainesville VA right away.

Water supply

If your ice maker doesn’t receive the water it can’t make the ice. When diagnosing notice if you see the arms movement and hear a buzz for a few seconds. This means your solenoid and the water valve are probably fine. But the water supply isn’t. Turn off the water valve at the bottom of the refrigerator and detach the water line to see if the water is pouring out when you turn on the valve.

Check the tap valve

The tap-valve is a small device that connects the water supply with the ice makers pipeline. The problem could occur at the junction. A small replacement kit could be purchased online in case a replacement is required. You can always contact Ice Maker Repair Service in Gainesville VA if you find yourself in a pickle.

The solenoid

The water line first connects to the solenoid at the bottom of the refrigerator. Afterward, it travels back up to the ice maker. A common issue here is the solenoid stops receiving power or the solenoid itself is defective. A simple solenoid replacement can take care of the issue.

Call for professional help

If you are an amateur and have never done a repair before then it is better, you call for professional help. There are several advantages including finding the replacements because a professional comes fully equipped. A professional can do it faster and better. It could be a bit difficult for you to run diagnostics.

Summing up! the ice maker could be repaired by following the simple steps explained above. But of course, if you are doing it the first time you could face difficulties. If you can do it yourself then it is an achievement for you. But remember there could be more complex issues with your ice maker. A good analyst should realize when to call for professional help.

For more assistance about ice maker repair Watch This Video Tutorial