Easy Tips To Repair Major Home Appliances

Almost all of us rely on electrical appliances for daily chores. They are an important part of our bathrooms and kitchens. Even when you are not a fan of home cooking or washing, a refrigerator is a must-have. So is the case of a microwave oven.

Appliances make things easier unless they stop working. Everyone fears the days when your washing machine breaks in the middle of the cycle and floods your laundry room. This can alter your normal routine like nothing else.

We consulted the pros and collected some easy tips for DIY repairs. If you want to get in touch with a reliable Appliance Repair Company in Woodbridge VA, give us a call for emergency repairs.

Appliance Repair Woodbridge Virginia

Start with The Obvious

A lot of the times very obvious problems with the power supply and plugs can be the underlying reason.

When you are stuck in a situation, checking the obvious may feel timid but is very effective. Unplug the appliance to check the condition of the wires. Is the power supply consistent?

Poor electric supply can also damage the appliances. In case of dimming or flickering lights, consult a reliable electrician. You may need to upgrade the entire home electrical systems.

Apply the Basic 50% Rule

When it comes down to home appliance repairs, they can be expensive than the replacements in certain cases. If you are confused to choose between repair or replacement, request estimates from different companies. Compare the repair and replacement estimates to check what fits your budget.

In general, if the repairs cost more than 50% of the replacement, prefer buying new parts or appliances. For example, if the cost of Dryer Repair Service in Woodbridge VA is more than 50% of the cost of a new dryer, go for the latter. Similarly, when the appliance has spent more than 50% of its expected lifespan, go for replacements.

Check the Moving Parts

When you are about to repair an appliance with unusual noises, start with the moving parts such as motors, blowers, and fans.

Replacing a fan is relatively easy for most homeowners, but it is preferable to hire a professional when the motor is faulty.

Replace Filters

If you are struggling with hot and cold spots in your home it is time to replace dirty filters. The refrigerators or HVAC systems perform at their best efficiency when the filters are clean and fresh. When a refrigerating machine works with a clogged filter, the longevity of the appliance is at risk.

Replace Seals or Gaskets

Broken seals and gaskets reduce the performance efficiency of appliances. Replacing a gasket takes only a few minutes. When replacing the seal does not help, call us for quality dishwasher repair service in Woodbridge VA.