Repair Tips for Common Home Appliance You Must Know

Electric appliances are the most efficient workhorses in a metropolitan house. For most of us, our day begins with a coffee maker and ends with a bottle of water from the refrigerator. Once they become a part of our lives, we cannot imagine a day without them.

Either it is about baking your favorite cake in the oven or washing your clothes, almost all of us fear broken appliances. But the truth is, everyone has to deal with them every now and then. The good news is that you don’t need to call your nearest Electric Appliance Repair in Centreville VA every time it happens.

With years of experience in the field, our pros gathered the basic fixes for common household appliances. If you are feeling like DIY, try some of these.

1. Washer

If you struggling with funky smells from your washer and the freshly washed clothes have a musty smell, get some vinegar and baking soda. Add two cups of white vinegar and a half cup of baking soda and run an empty cycle. The baking soda and vinegar kill the musty smells quite effectively.

When the washer does not run, check the cords and fuse. Replacing the fuse only takes a few minutes but is quite effective.

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2. Refrigerator

Our kitchens are almost incomplete without the refrigerator. It is one of the most used appliances. If you find to be inefficient in cooling, you should recheck the thermostat settings. In most cases setting a thermostat can solve the issue.

If the thermostat switch is not the issue, check the coils for any dirt or dust. The coils can get super dirty and hair clogged if you own a pet. Use a brush or damp cloth to clean the coils. Dirty coils can also affect the function of the ice maker.

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3. Ice Maker Problems

There are three main types of problems with ice makers.

  • faulty water inlet valve
  • thermostat issue or
  • clogged water filter

Changing or cleaning the filter is quite easy but fixing the other two requires professional Ice Maker Repair in Centreville VA.

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3.  Faulty Garbage Disposal Unit

At times, the garbage disposal switches off when it is overloaded or the motor gets overheated. You may need to reset it for normal function.  This can take a few minutes before turning on.

If the blades are stuck, use a hex key to unwind them. Once the blockage is clear, reset the garbage disposal unit to get it running again, and voila!

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4. Microwave

When the microwave is not heating, check the power supply. At times the heating components called diode and magnetron burn out. When in doubt, call us for Microwave Repair Centreville VA.