Secrets Tips To Fix a Trash Compactor


The first thing to check is the power switch, which is usually located on the control panel or under the foot pedal. Make sure all the contacts are intact, and that the power cord isn’t loose or damaged. You can check the wiring schematic online, or use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the link switch wires. there can be so many reasons for it. If there is no resistance, the compactor should work. If it isn’t, lubricate the compactor, and replace the damaged parts.

Motor is Damaged?

Next, check the drive gear. If the drive motor Of Trash Compactor is damaged, it will be unable to compact the trash. The drive gear may also need to be replaced. Check the chain to see if it’s damaged or missing. The chain should have a half-inch deflection. In most cases, the drive gear will need to be replaced. If the clutch is seized, you’ll need to replace it.

Is drive gear in a trash compactor May Stuck?

In some cases, the drive gear in a trash compactor may become stuck. This is usually the result of a sudden jolt. Try to turn on the machine and make sure it’s fully closed. If you’ve unplugged the unit from the power source, you might have a loose power cord or a worn out safety switch. To fix the problem, remove the faulty parts and you can also repair trash compactor as but you should hire Professional appliance repair contractor for this purpose.
Another common cause of a stalled or obstructed trash compactor is the power supply.

Electrical outlet is not delivering the correct voltage?

Sometimes, the electrical outlet is not delivering the correct voltage. Alternatively, the start switch could be faulty. When the switch is working properly, electricity can travel through the switchboard and motor. This could cause the trash compactor to run slowly or not at all. When the switch doesn’t work, the compactor will not turn on.

If the cycle selector switch is broken, it may be time to replace it. To do this, remove the cabinet and unplug the power. If the cycle selector switch is damaged, the machine will not start. If the chain is too shorted, replace it. If the switch is intact, the motor is in perfect working condition. A properly functioning trash compactor will prevent many malfunctions.

Control panel Of Trash Compactor Not in Working Condition?

The power supply can also be a major source of noise. If the drive motor isn’t working, the problem may lie in the start switch. This switch is located on the control panel and is usually located at the top of the cabinet. To test this, disconnect the power cord from the start switch. If the motor is working, the drive motor should be working.
Otherwise, the centrifugal system should be replaced. If the power supply is working, you may need to clean the centrifugal mechanism