Thermostats are designed to help you maintain a convenient and healthy temperature at your home or office. Though these temperature controlling devices are meant to last for a long time, still anything could go wrong with them. A time arises when you have no option left except for the thermostat replacement. Such a situation could be avoided if you get to know any fault with your thermostat beforehand. Below mentioned tips would help you identify when you need help from Thermostat Repair Clifton VA expert.

Thermostat Replacement Clifton

A late shift in temperature

Most of the thermostats have an automatic temperature shift sensor that automatically maintains the desired temperature. If the thermostat is having difficulty in maintaining a specific temperature, there could be an issue. A minor repair could give a new life to your thermostat if it’s a bit late in shifting the temperature up or down.

No beep sound when you make a change

When you make temperature or setting change, you hear a beep sound from the thermostat. The beep sound ensures that the setting has been successfully applied. If there is no sound after a setting change, it’s time for s thermostat repair. A qualified technician could diagnose the problem.

Keeps on losing the saved settings

Every thermostat has a built-in memory that saves all the user information saved. If it keeps on losing the saved settings, again and again, it means there is an issue with the thermostat. It’s time for a repair. An early repair could save your thermostat from malfunctioning.

When Batteries replacement doesn’t make a difference

Weak thermostat batteries could also be a reason for some problems. Late settings change and a shift in temperature could be a battery issue. At first, try replacing the batteries, if it gets better, it means the batteries were faulty. If the situation doesn’t get better even after replacing the batteries, there could be a serious problem with your thermostats. It would be better to replace the thermostat in such scenarios.

The age of thermostat

The age factor of any electrical device could be one of the reasons for its malfunctioning. At times, people assume that it’s not the age of thermostat that could be the reason for an issue. They try to replace batteries follow DIY methods but nothing works. It is suggested to seek help from a thermostat professional expert near you.


Whatever problem arrives with your thermometer, it’s better to seek technical assistance from a Thermostat Replacement Clifton expert. He would diagnose the problem and your thermostat would get a new life. If it needs a replacement, he would change the old thermometer with a new one.